"In My Eyes"

I recently received some poetry from a Maieh who is from the Philippines. This is the first poem I received. There are several others from Maieh.  - poetheart 05/09/01

The most beautiful of all I've seen
the purest of heart deep within
The brightest eyes that light my days
The bewitching smile that eases each pain
The glimmer of hope even when you cry
The way you stand strong after all the lies
or even the way you laugh that never cease to enchant

How you seem to cast a spell in my heart
    with every move you make
How I never betray the truth to others
    with these words I say
but nevertheless, I need not care
Because in my eyes, everything you are,
everything you do is magic that's pure and true.

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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