"Heart and Soul"

This is from the second series of poems submitted by Maieh back in May, 2001.  - poetheart 08/25/01

Long had words been lost to me
as my heart had also been
as my head drifts to a spin
And in my eyes, thy face, thy wit
is all and everything I came to see

Further do I continue to deny
feelings of which by minute intensifies
Thus, through days I live by means of smile
through nights, pillows on head to quell my cries

Confused I still do stand
As I cannot keep it all at hand
Time and time again I lose all sense
As thy smile, thy words
Keeps me afloat and all dense

Every single thing has since come to focus
Heart over head must soon be of truce
Lest I'd suffer cruelty beyond cruel
Comforted not by feelings which speaks to be true

If in years, I live only to conceal
My fears soon shall be all real
Depth and truth will have chains to hold
Slowly, then, shall they all die... both my heart and soul.

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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