This is a recent poem submitted by Maieh.  - poetheart 09/01/01

I have forgotten everything about you.
Over the time, I lived without your presence.
I see none but life through dark stained glass;
 visions I learned to love.
I can no longer remember your touch
 nor your smile, even your eyes.
I closed my own to see through
 but could not envision, as though blinded.
 It is but dim; but vague memories of you.
I have forgotten your voice; the sound, its flow.
 It must be soft- maybe even mellifluous
I tried to remember- I heard nothing
 but rustles; but wind
It must have been days. Weeks. Months. Years.
I felt as though robbed; stolen of all
 that gave life meaning and sense
But everything has been the same. Nothing changed.
I laughed. I smiled, cried- I lived.
And yes, over the time, I lived.
With joy, a song chanted in mind
 with inanity, an irreparable wound in heart.

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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