"Too Late"

Back in early May of this year (shortly after her first poems were posted on my site), I received a series of poems by Maieh.  While I liked many of these poems, they were put into my archives for "future consideration" and have not been published before. Within the next few days I will be posting a majority of this series submitted at that time and hope you will enjoy them.  - poetheart 08/25/01

Has the world ceased to turn
Has the fire stopped to burn
Has the clock paused to tick...
when you turned and walked away from me

Am I to stand and watch you go
Am I to be silent and let you go
Am I to cut all string's hold...
when I'm left confused and utterly lost

Should I retract all that's been said
Should I stay and just pretend
Should I live a lie 'til the end...
it hurts me to see you run to someone else

Questions, Decisions..I can't start to fathom
I stand, my mind loose in function
I cried but you only turned and go
and just then I learned, how much I love you so.

by Maieh

September 2001, Marylene Bauza ("Maieh") Interview sections you may visit (click)
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