The Poems of Maieh
(September, 2001 Featured Poet)

These are the poems of Marylene Bauza (pen name "Maieh"). Maieh is a third year student of Mass Communications from Manila in the Philippines. Maieh was featured in September, 2001 and you can read her interview by going to the interview section of my site.   - poetheart

"In My Eyes"         "Leaving"          "Fear"       "You"

"Let You Go"       "Death of a Dream"        "Once and Again"

"Beyond Dreams"        "In Slumber and Wake"        "Too Late"     

 "Heart and Soul"          "The Smile"          "Survival"         

 "Empty"         "Unrequited"         "Affliction"       "Numb"      

"Mais Une Amie"        "Devastation"         "Awakening"        "In You"

(NEW)  "Serene"

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