The Poems of Patricia Lynn

These are the poems of Patricia Lynn who is a teacher/speech pathologist from nearby Somerset County, N.J. but originally from Monmouth County, N.J.  Patty is the happily married wife of an executive and the mother of 2 teenagers. She writes poetry which she hopes will become lyrics to songs the whole world will sing. Her dream is "to collaborate with a songwriter and tell a great story through musical lyrics." (Patty asks, "Aren't all poets dreamers?") Patricia Lynn is the featured poet in June, 2003. You can read her interview and Q&A in the interview section of my site.  - poetheart

"Jazz Man"       "Meet Me"       "The Winter of My Thoughts"

"Adrift"     "Publish Me"     "A Poet Like Me?"     "Campus Courting"

"Distance"        "Cross the Bridge to Bright Tomorrows"

"To A Long Lost Friend"        "The Workaholic's Heaven"

"Glorious Extremes"        "It's Forbidden"       "Sleep Little Baby"

 "The Everyday Hero"      "The Delaware and Raritan Canal"    "When Wings Are Strong"     

"The Shadow Knows" (original)      "The Shadow Knows" (revised)

"A Weekend At The Shore"      "Rainy Blues"      "Unable to Dream"

"The Renaissance Man"     "Stop Internal Madness"     "Guess "Hoo"?"

"Spring Dance"      "The Tortured Writer"      "Nasty Nuisance"       "Something More"

"Get Some Kicks"        "The Dark of Day"        "Today Is What Counts"

"Sweet Hiding Place"         "On the Whistle of the Wind"          "On This 4th of July"      

  "Our Eclipse"       "A Picture of Perfection?"       "A Lady Dove"

 "A Garden of Weeds"         "the mum still blooms"        "Inside Out"

"Just One Flake"      "My Heart's One Desire"       "Believe In Yourself"

"Drive Home"           (NEW)  "The Storm"           (NEW)  "You"

(NEW)  "Alone They Wait In Silence"      (NEW)  "Maggie Quinn"       (NEW)  "The Letter"

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