"along the beach"

I like the beach a lot. There have been many times where I have enjoyed the soothing solitude of walking alone "along the beach" or I have walked on it with someone very special. This poem makes me remember those times.

By Richard Amoroso

for miles ahead, the sandy strip, the waves they smooth the way
and angry skies, damp and cool, will surely have their say
the tide is in, the seagulls said, a noisy flock they be
that on this day, alone at last, it's me and just the sea.....

sea shells dot the shore line be, so varied in their size
for each one has a tale to tell, for each their own surprise
jellyfish, and tarred up wood, like ghosts from days ago
that on this day, alone at last, I'll take it nice and slow

the salty air, the lapping surf, so gently does it pound
I'll leave my mark in steps behind, and try to make no sound
the seagulls say, for every tide, a story comes ashore
and on this day, alone at last, I'll stay forevermore.....

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February 2000, Richard J. Amoroso Interview sections you may visit (click)
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