"through the eyes of a mirror"

I am very privileged to have received the work of Richard J. Amoroso. On 01/27/00, I received the poem on this page via e-mail and was very impressed by it. It is entitled "through the eyes of a mirror". I liked it so much that I immediately wrote back to him to tell him that I was going to post it here on my site. Richard is very talented and writes with a passion very compatible to it.

to the fairest lady, of thee I seek
upon reflection, the mirror I peek
no vanity fair, no gloat be taken
for into your soul, I must awaken
reflections echoed, the image be seen
your smile's crown jewel, I attempt to glean
to see us as one, returned from the glass
of this I must capture, before it shall pass
the image I see, of two as one
lit by the stars and the setting sun
twinkling at corners, the mirror it glows
and dusted so gently, the moondust blows
captured within, and bursting to be
a love unsnared, yearning to be free
so thru these windows, that are my eyes
the mirror reflects these deep blue skies
we'll see us as one, to have and to hold
as the mirror reveals what has yet to be told.....

                                       Richard J. Amoroso

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