"Seasons of the Heart"

After writing to Richard to tell him that I wanted to post his poem "through the eyes of a mirror" I received another e-mail from him with this poem entitled "Seasons of the Heart". I learned that he "writes mostly for an audience of one.......she has quite an extensive collection...A special audience. Let's leave it at that. I write from my heart." He also said that he writes because he enjoys it. "And it stirs the soul of someone else. That's all the enjoyment I need......I'm happy, she's happy, case closed...." Richard writes from his heart and that is clear.

to she that would be, the fairest of all
through summer and winter and spring and fall
to share with her always, the 4 seasons that are
the countless pleasures that seem so far
to watch the leaves fall and give way to the snow
to watch the drifts mount in a moon lit blow
the tingle, the chill, of a winters eve
four seasons anchored and never to leave
to dig through the drifts, six feet high
with Frosty's figure, touching the sky
frost bitten fingers and a cherry red nose
to thee my love, will I still find a rose
on to spring and the warming of days
and things to come, in countless ways
tulips and azaleas and petunias and shade
these are the things that spring has made
with the advent of summer, the temps do rise
and into the pool, go surely the wise
the sweat, the heat and the lawn be mowed
Honeysuckle and Lilacs and even a toad
burgers and towels and chlorine and beer
and even these things, end, I fear
with the waning of summer, cool autumn nights
and the onset of harvest, with the Northern lights
pumpkins and frost and a chill in the air
we've come full circle, but it's only fair
4 seasons that be, that make up the year
to our memories horde, be it ever so near
to Mother Nature and Father Time
we'll lift our cap, to cider and rhyme
we'll snuggle real close, by the firelit glow
and feel the tingle, of a sensuous flow
was the best of times, the 4 seasons that came
it was couched in your love, so I gave it a name...
             and that name was you.........

                                       Richard J. Amoroso

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