"For the Keeper of the Flame....."

This is a very recent poem by Richard J. Amoroso.

sweet taste of lips, upon your face, burn the embers of desire
what passion holds, the love within, this all consuming fire
to thee my love, who holds my heart, that traces in the snow
a winter's warmth, a summer breeze, a gentle wind will blow
for time will tell, what matters most, and where our hearts will lie
the treasured thoughts and memories, will light the nighttime sky
caressed by touch, the words ignite, a canvass we can see
as two can beat, our hearts explode, inside this canopy
we'll take whats there, swap at will, and kiss the day along
and keep inside, that love thats there, be it right or be it wrong
let them see and let them know, the world will be our stage
what's there is there, and it shall keep, from now until old age
and when the time, shall come at last, and one of us must go
the task will fall, on a lonely heart, to keep the light aglow.....

Richard J. Amoroso

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