"It's all for you....."

This poem was written 02/12/00.

touch me dear, that I may know, whats in you is so real
for life abounds, with endless gifts, to have, to hold, to feel
the boundless joys, that we have shared, that both of us have known
that deep inside, the wondrous yearn, the seeds of which have grown
to see within, to see without, the look upon your face
for as I near, your scent be had, to touch your warm embrace
your shinning eyes, your playful hair, the curves that make you be
to hold your hand, to stroll in sand, I want the world to see
you be my dream, I'll be your wish, and maybe we'll go far
for lapping waves, and endless clouds, will lead us to our star
you my love, for all you are, I could not ask for more
that every day, in every way, it's you I will adore.....

                                       Richard J. Amoroso

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