"An Irish Sonnet...."

February 2000, Richard J. Amoroso Interview sections you may visit (click)
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An Irish Sonnet....
by Richard J. Amoroso

a misty morn' of cloudy skies, my eyes have not yet seen
o'er land of wheat, the shepherds trod and everything between.....

of ocean spray, of chilly air, of thatched roofs ever wide
Oh Ireland, Oh Ireland, be fore'vr near my side
the rolling hills, tis' mist has touched, a chill I can but feel
crashing waves, has stirred the quail, this vision must congeal
pubs and streets way far too old, with malt that flows so free
Oh Emerald Isle, St. Patrick's Path, how deep I yearn to be
oh vision held, my luck should be, that on you I should walk
of heritage so deftly plied, my lifeline I should stalk
so chilly morn', so not yet felt, upon the fields I'll dream
that for the day, that luck will have, to know your self-esteem....

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