"May I?"

By Richard J.Amoroso

may I watch as you near, with beauty and grace
and allow me the joy, of your loving embrace?
may I watch as you smile, and know it's for me
and allow me the privilege, of your serenity?
may I kiss you so gentle, as you close your eyes
and try to surpass, all the other guys?
may I steal your heart, and not give it back
and for once in my life, I'll be on the right track?
may I watch as you sway, in a meadow so right
and pray that the sun, will keep you so bright?
may I sit by a tree, as you pick us a flower
and drink in your sight, hour by hour?
and may I greet each day, to know it so true
that as long as I'm here, I will always love you........

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