"Kitchen Wars"

I got such a kick out of this clever poem. As I was reading it, I pictured it and it was funny.

break out the pots, the goodies, and all the rest
time to learn why men cook the best
a little pinch here and a dash of "Whats this"?
"and go fetch me a beer", I said to the Miss
"Who cares if it blends", all covered in flour
"When it's complete, I'll just take a shower"
mash it, grind it, and mix at high speed
the dough is not rising, "Whats with this "knead"?
ok, big deal, I'll just add more salt
but the cooking process has ground to a halt
the meat must be tender, as I peel back the foil
and why aren't the veggies coming to a boil?
"Where is my saw, I'll show it who's king"
with a jab from my awl, I'll make its rump
sing maybe a drill press , a hammer and a nail
this chicken will wish, it was born a quail
the slop and the goo, oops, It's all still raw
with a yell and crash, she headed for the door
"Where ya goin'", not looking too pleased
"You eat that crap, I'm going for chinese.........."

                                       Richard J. Amoroso

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