I like the fact that something as simple as a candle inspired this really nice poem by Richard. I like that it is an uncomplicated poem and the imagery is great. "candle"

By Richard J. Amoroso

to thy flickering indoor firefly, the waxed glow
may I stare into your orange symphony of dancing light?
can I watch you slowly melt into an ebbing moment of time?
to see you shed your usefulness along your sides.....
true to form, your shadows will bounce off the walls
and tell your fading song in an oozing scent of bayberry
how internal are my thoughts as you weave your way past
the music, the scent and the purpose that I lite your wick.....
for time will allow you your moments in the room -
and time will also steal your life in cold, hard wax.....
descending to the bottom, congealing in lumps,
and reminding me, that, with the fading glow of your light,
for all that has come, shall, with time, all pass away.....

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