"echoes from The Wall"

Today I received another poem from Richard. He prefaced his poem with this: "I saw a painting today of the Vietnam Wall called 'Reflections'. Stunning and poignant. And from that painting came this.....from a veteran to The Veterans.....r"  - poetheart 02/16/00

By Richard Joseph Amoroso

I can see it now, the long black slab
       upon the names are sketched
countless men, I know not one
       but their memories are etched
the many tears and many years
       that time will never erase
they gave their all for duty served
       and now they take their place....
one sultry night, long ago, I almost bought my fate
       a mortar shell from a river bank and off to St Peter's gate
the names cry out, on a quiet night
       what are we doing here?
we want so much to be set free
       and share with you a beer
so many men in their prime who never got to see
       but locked instead inside the wall, yearning to be free
   I count my blessings every day,
       that my name's not on the wall
   but having served in that place called 'Nam
        these men stand ten feet tall
   so let us not forget their names
       for certainly they rest
   these heroes gone before us
       who passed the final test.....

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