"Welcome Home"

This is one of Richard's most recent poems.

welcome my sweet, may I give you some wine?
and upon your lips, may I offer to dine?
may I take your bag and remove your shoes?
and help to rid you, of all the days blues?
may I rub your shoulders and cause you to purr?
and think of those nights when we were wrapped in fur?
can I caress your back and play with your hair?
and take all the chances that my passion would dare?
can I twirl your hair with my fingers so bold
and watch your legs as that start to unfold?
will you let me have all that I please?
and tease you crazy as you sink to your knees?
can I watch that smile blossom to a grin?
and know once again-yes, he will win?
can I refill your glass with the nectar so red?
and hope this prelude will lead us to bed?
for no day should end without some kind of glee
for when the door opens, you'll be looking at me......

                                       Richard J. Amoroso

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