"A Guide called Cupid"

"to fill a card to give someone, most certainly I write.......what words are said to read out loud, morning, noon and night......" -r

A Guide called Cupid
By Richard J.Amoroso

A Valentine, so well prepared, upon you I so place
that Cupid's bow, should find it's mark, and fill your empty space
but once a year, should Hearts Day come, it's never quite enough
for all the days, thats in between, these feelings I cannot snuff
you've shared your thoughts, and never have, kept it all within
your needs, your dreams, your fondest wants, has Cupid filled my bin
mornings, noons, days and nights, not one of which is best
for so it seems, that when I look, it's all a treasure chest
and so my dear, for what we have, a winter's day we'll note
that through the year, and far beyond, will Cupid guide this boat.......

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