The Poems of Richard J. Amoroso
(February, 2000 Featured Poet)

These are the poems of Richard J. Amoroso. Richard is a retired federal civil service worker from New York City, New York. Richard was featured in February, 2000 and you can read his interview by going to the interview section of my site.  - poetheart

"through the eyes of a mirror"            "Welcome Home"         

"For the Keeper of the Flame....."          "Our America"         "Sunrise"        

 "A Guide Called Cupid"         "Seasons of the Heart"

"A Team for the Ages"         
"Kitchen Wars"         "an afternoon's thought"         

"An Irish Sonnet...."          "Soliloquy for the Solitude of Solo Strollers"

"Summer's Death"         "It's all for you...."         "Caribbean Postcard"

"May I?"           "along the beach...."

"echoes from the Wall"        "candle"         "missing you"

(NEW)  "About Dona Lou"

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